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MapArt Launches “Map the Future” Program for schools

Even in this digital age, reading a map isn’t obsolete, it is an essential developmental skill that develops a child’s mind and Canada’s largest map publisher is offering to help classrooms out.

A 2013 report on maps and education concluded that teaching a child to read a map builds their spatial reasoning skills. Most consider a child with enhanced spatial thinking skills has a distinct advantage in our global and highly technical society.

Despite the importance, a growing number of children are missing out on mapping skills at an early age and that’s where MapArt, Canada’s leading map publisher is stepping in.

“We’re constantly being asked for out of date maps by local teachers, so they can use them as teaching aids” explains Brian Heiler, national sales manager for MapArt publishing. “We’ve always obliged and thought that the need might be national.”

MapArt has launched the “Map the Future” program, offering classrooms donations of unused but out of date map publications to help Canadian children get better acquainted with map reading.

Teachers across Canada can apply and get all the program details at the MapArt website:

About MapArt Publishing- MapArt Publishing is Canada’s largest Map publisher and distributor, headquartered in Oshawa, ON. MapArt produces their line in Canada and it is available at retailers across the country or at their website

CCCmaps available at Corner Gas


We’ve been servicing Corner gas for years and this year we were proud to be part of Corner Gas the Movie. Look for our display of CCC Map products (seen above on the counter next to the register) as well as Tree-Free greetings and JD Star sunglasses in the film.


More Info on Corner Gas the movie here.

CCCmaps, Tree-Free Greetings and JD Star Sunglasses are distributed in Canada by MapArt Publishing. Call on us for service across Canada 1-877-231-6277

New Video: How GPS works in CCCmaps Road Atlases


If you’ve seen our brand new Road Atlas line and wondered “How does the GPS feature work?”, you’re not alone.

That’s why we’ve created a brand new web page filled with information, downloads and visual aids in order to help make your GPS experience a positive one.

Begin by viewing this new video, let hosts Brandon and Riona guide you into getting the most out of your CCCmaps Road Atlas and GPS device. They were made to go together!

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