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Canada’s map company releases new trend setting provincial Road Atlas series


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Oshawa, ON November 9th, 2012

Even in the age of GPS and the decline of print media, the paper map not only still has a place in the market but is also seeing marked improvements. One good example of this is Canadian Cartographics Corporation (CCC) who excitedly released a 2013 provincial road atlas of Alberta under their “” imprint. This new road atlas boasts more detail and coverage of Alberta than any previous map publication and is the first of its kind to feature the entire province in one large, GPS compatible scale.  Details such as the oil sands or the Athabasca River have never been easier to read.

“We chose Alberta first because of the incredible network of range roads which are obviously important to the oil industry” says Peter Gunter, senior production manager for CCC maps, who recently celebrated his 35th year in the business; he adds “The inclusion of a UTM grid in this book allows it to be GPS compatible. The book now becomes an essential tool when used in conjunction with your hand held GPS device. Electronic mapping is very convenient in terms of getting a snapshot of a limited area or for directions from point A to point B but; for the larger picture, up to date information and no worries over lost signals or failed electronics; print paper mapping is still the best option.”

 “It may sound strange to some but we’re honestly very excited here about all the significant and timely innovations we’re building into our line of paper maps” adds Gunter

The CCCmaps 2013 Alberta Road Atlas is now available at major retail outlets throughout Alberta, look for the red cover. For more information visit their website

ABOUT CANADIAN CARTOGRAPHICS CORPORATION (CCC):  100% Canadian owned and operated, CCC is Canada’s largest and oldest distributor of Maps, Atlases and Guides. Headquartered in Oshawa ON, CCC boasts the largest distribution network in the country with mobile warehouses in every province able to service Canada’s finest retailers in real time.  Each distributor for CCC is a small family business.


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